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The idea of Mangled Web Radio came from two old souls who wanted to bring back the good old radio days where you can tune in and listen to your favorites and hear new music.  We remember the days of sitting by the radio with our old fashioned cassette tape recorder waiting to record that one song we had heard on the radio before because we had just had to have that song or songs!

We are a collective who love to share music with our darklings and fiends all over the world.  Our radio server holds thousands of songs from the genres of Goth, Gothic Rock, Death Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Dark Electro, Dark Wave, Synth and 80's New Wave... from classic greats to the up and coming cutting razor blade edge of music genres we all love and enjoi!

We will always be updating our music server on a constant basis to avoid stagnancy and to keep you apprised of the new music from up and coming bands to new music from the classic bands.

This is a labor of love for all of us.  Mangled Web Radio will always be free to our listeners and we will never charge to listen!  24/7 streaming with a variety of music and shows... commercial free!


It doesn't get much better than this!


Mangled Web Radio© All Rights Reserved

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