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I started out in the Goth scene as a wee little goth back in 1986, (I was 16 years old) when I first started going to SOMA here in San Diego. I started out as a photographer and took photos of bands that were trying to make it in the music world. On a fluke one night when a DJ was ill, I was asked if I could stand in and DJ (I was 17 years old at the time) because of my music knowledge and taste. I did ad I was hooked!!

In the early 90's I co-hosted a cable Goth radio show in Los Angeles, which turned out to be a blast!  In the mid-90's I DJ'd at different Goth clubs and worked as a music publicist for a record label. In 2001 I produced and released a Goth/Industrial compilation CD called Tracks of Evolution that featured bands from Southern California. I then hosted a weekend Goth/Industrial/Powernoise Music Festival that featured 10 bands and 10 DJ's from the San Diego/Los Angeles/Arizona areas. Also, in 2001 I ran a club night called Sunday Skool, which was old school Goth music from the 80's.

Besides running this radio station, my other projects are hosting radio shows; Incantation and The Newlydead Garden (co-hosting with my husband).  I have always held music close to my heart and love sharing it with others.  I decided to do this radio station project with my husband Bryan because of our vast love for music and our combined music collection.  We wanted to share our music with all our darklings and fiends all over the world!

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